Pharmacy Hubs And Your Fertility Journey

When undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment like in vitro fertilization (IVF), prescription medications are an essential part of the equation. Although filling a medication may sound easy, the process can be much more complicated in the fertility world. Pharmacy hubs assist with pre-authorizations and insurance coverage and can provide guidance on financial assistance options. With a conception concierge close by, women and couples undergoing ART treatment don’t have to struggle to manage fertility prescriptions alone.


Medications and fertility treatment

Women who have trouble getting pregnant naturally often seek help from a fertility clinic, where a variety of services are offered. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a less invasive procedure where a male partner’s sperm is collected, concentrated, and injected directly into the uterus at the optimal time for conception to occur. The female partner often takes at least 1 prescription medication during this time to increase the chances of ovulation. IVF is a more complicated process involving the use of multiple medications to regulate the cycle, promote egg growth, trigger the release of mature eggs, and prepare the uterus for an embryo transfer. In some cases, progesterone is prescribed to help sustain an early pregnancy if IUI or IVF is successful.

The role of the pharmacy hub

Many medications can be obtained from a traditional pharmacy. However, because fertility medications are often specialized drugs that are less commonly prescribed, the process isn’t so straightforward. The primary role of a pharmacy hub is to verify a patient's pharmaceutical or medical benefits to ensure coverage and submit for prior authorization if required. Serving as a liaison between the patient and the insurance company reduces stress for all parties involved. Pharmacy hubs also provide guidance to patients about financial assistance options in the form of insurance, rebates, or grants. Since fertility medications can add up quickly, knowing how to purchase the necessary drugs in a cost-efficient manner is essential.

Additional hub services

When necessary, the pharmacy hub may ship a bridge supply of medication so the patient can have immediate access to begin treatment while the prior authorization is pending. This can be especially helpful in time-sensitive situations where the medication must be started immediately for maximum effects during the cycle. Pharmacy hubs can also check formulary requirements, helping determine if a generic or less expensive option is available to the patient.

Your prescription partner

Pharmacy hubs do not provide healthcare advice, so having a trusted local pharmacy where the medication can be filled, and the patient can ask questions is essential. The hub serves as a concierge for obtaining the necessary medication at the best rate. However, patients still have an important role to play in taking the medication as directed during treatment. Women with complex treatment plans requiring multiple medications and patients looking to eliminate stress related to insurance coverage and financial assistance can benefit from using a pharmacy hub.

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