Stay Connected with Your Patients

Cloud Rx is a hub service that helps clinics and pharmacies maintain a connection with patients throughout their entire drug process.

Focused and Connected

Optimized and Efficient

Streamlined and Integrated

Patients can become stressed and overwhelmed by having to keep in contact with their physician’s office, insurance, pharmacy, and other groups. Cloud Rx helps channel and streamline these services to improve the process.

  • Site-of-Care Redirection

  • Dispensing of Medications

  • Administration of Specialty Medications

  • Refill Requests

  • Data Reporting

Preventing Barriers

Cloud Rx prevents potential barriers for patients such as copay, specific pharmacy requirements, formulary coverage, step therapy policies, medical necessities, and prior authorizations. We believe that efficient and easy access to medical services can transform the lives of patients and their pharmacies and clinics.

Features and Resources

Engineered to Fit Your Needs

Ensures efficient medication distribution with the help of these key elements.

Patient Education



Data Reporting

Medication Delivery

Site-of-Care Redirection

Medication Administration

Refill Requests

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