Fertility Treatment Is Not All Smooth Sailing

Failing to start or grow a family due to infertility is no longer a definitive diagnosis. Thanks to assisted reproductive technology (ART) like in vitro fertilization (IVF), pregnancy is possible. This also means that fertility treatments are highly sought after, with over 85,000 IVF-related births yearly. Many of the couples who venture into IVF realize the process can be complex and challenging. Obtaining the medication needed for IVF, for example, can present many obstacles. Facilities like a pharmacy hub take away the stress of sourcing fertility medicine.


Why can't you access fertility medication?

IVF is not as simple as going to a local pharmacy for hormone medication. The fertility team works with a specialist pharmacy to provide the unique needs of the patient. Administrative obstacles also delay or limit access to these critical drugs. For instance, certain approvals for fertility medication may be required by the patient's insurance. If insurance support is denied, the subsequent appeals and documentation can be time-consuming. There can also be delays in sourcing specific drugs or a lack of awareness of financial aid. These issues add a layer of frustration to an already complex medical process.

Do you need a pharmacy hub?

Couples undergoing fertility treatments are deciding to enlist the services of a specialty pharmacy hub. These hubs consolidate and coordinate the intricacies of fertility treatments, like IVF. Think of a pharmacy hub as the couple's project management team. The overall purpose of the hub is to keep the process of accessing fertility drugs moving as smoothly as possible. When insurance, documentation, and other administrative tasks arise, hubs take on the burden for the patient. Pharmacy hubs also aid in medication adherence, providing essential information and support in filling initial prescriptions.

Simplifying a complicated process

The essential function of the hub is to manage insurance issues, seek out benefits, and handle any objections. IVF patients need to start hormone therapy soon, and these issues delay the process. The hub will coordinate financial and co-pay requirements while educating the patient along the way. Some other functions include reporting, managing risk, and ensuring a smooth transfer of information. Should there be any delays in approval or sourcing the drugs, the hub can help. Some can dispense the initial hormone medicine needed to start the process. This step prevents delays and saves patients time and money while helping with adherence.

Connecting the dots for improved adherence

Access to fertility medication is essential to adherence. Missing doses can lead to complications, failure to harvest eggs, and unsuccessful IVF outcomes. Hubs work with fertility pharmacists to ensure the hopeful couple has the required medication. These facilities also have relationships with distributors and other stakeholders and can negotiate on the patient's behalf. Patients can also communicate seamlessly with the hubs to share information and documentation essential for specialty services like fertility treatment.

Build your family with fertility medications and hubs

While a hub's primary focus is managing insurance and reimbursements, these specialty groups do much more. The goal is to remove the many obstacles and issues that prevent the timely provision of fertility drugs. With streamlined communication, efficient medication sourcing, and administration services, IVF becomes a stress-free experience.

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